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Deliver packages easily in Dar es Salaam

Is your delivery/bodaboda service overcharging you or your customers to get a package delivered within Dar es Salaam?
Save money and effort with ease! Send and receive small to medium-sized parcels with duka.direct’s COURIER service easily, efficiently and quickly!

Forgotten something important at home? Do you need to get your stock delivered at the shop? Driver stuck in the traffic but you need to send your child’s lunch box to school? Saw a nice dress online but bodaboda is overcharging you for delivery? Too occupied to go to the butchery?

Don’t worry, we want to make your life a little easier. duka.direct Courier is a reliable solution for you to send parcels/packages or get them picked!

With our in-app courier product, it is easier than ever to deliver, send, pick parcels within Dar es Salaam.

So what is it?
duka.direct courier is a same-day delivery solution that allows people to send items whether it’s a gift for a friend, keys, a care package for a loved one, a business order or an item you bought online.

Here’s why duka.direct COURIER is different:
  • Transparent flat rates starting from TZS 3,000 (depending on the distance)
  • On-demand package delivery—get same hour delivery; no need to wait for hours/days
  • Request through the duka.direct app, and track the delivery. The duka.direct rider will pick up the package directly from your location and deliver it to your preferred location.
  • Reliable
  • Maximise delivery efficiency with our individualised package handling

And how does it work?
  1. Prepare the package
  2. Take a picture
  3. Open the duka.direct app & select Courier from the home screen
  4. Enter your package info & upload the package picture
  5. Enter your delivery information and request. We will come to you. Use duka.direct to deliver anything; from a gift to returning online purchases
  6. Track the delivery in real-time within the app
  7. Get notifications once it has been delivered. Digital signatures are obtained once delivered.


What are your delivery rates?

How big of an item can I send via duka.direct Courier?

Only packages up to 15 KGs and maximum size of 45cms x 45 cms x 45cms can be delivered via duka.direct Courier

Can I send packages to someone who doesn’t have a duka.direct app?

Absolutely yes!

Where can I send packages with duka.direct Courier?

You can use Courier services for quick deliveries within Dar es Salaam only.

Are there any package restrictions?

Yes. Prohibited items such as substances, firearms and hazards are not allowed. You can read more in the 'terms & conditions' page within the app.

What items can I deliver?

Documents & books, clothes & accessories, spare parts & tools, food & perishables, electronics, household essentials & etc.